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AI Marketing Apps For Increased Ease & Efficiency

Randy Smith here, and I'd like to introduce you to a range of apps that I acquired the rights to, to tweak and sell as my own.
After initially wanting nothing to do with robots and artificial intelligence (late 2022), I later took a curious look - and a course or two (early 2023).
Suddenly I was hooked, and learning day by day and hour by hour.
To the point where I wasn't getting my own work done for a while - due to investing so much time into studying how AI could help us as Online Marketers.

Then came the point where I began to see an increase in tasks accomplished, and in profits, thanks to the time saved by treating AI as my Intelligent Assistant!
Whilst always remembering to continue to add myself and the human touch to everything I did.
From there, I started sharing what I had learned and discovered, and invested in a lot of tools to help along the way.

And now I have my own collection, that I believe may help you too!
Click below to explore the range of AI Apps currently available,
and what they can help you with in Your Business!


Generate Over 30 High-Quality Content Items with Just One Click,
Whether it's catchy emails, riveting sales pages, informative blog articles,
or snappy marketing bullets - you name it, MarketingAid creates it. - $67
Boost Your Marketing Results Today!


Effortlessly Create Quality Blog Posts & Image,
Then get all the social posts and an email to promote it,
& Add your post to your blog - within the App! - $67
Discover the New Era of Content Creation!


Create 37 Types of Content,
For Every Social Platform,
from Your One Line Description! - $67
Become THE Social Media Go To Marketer...
(Or just use it for yourself!)


Describe Your Ebook or Lead Magnet,
Chose A Category, Number of Chapters,
Add Your Word Count & Language,
Describe the Content, Add your Target Audience,
And Your Writing Tone - Then Click!
- $67


Your AI Expert,
hosts a team of 23 specialized virtual assistants and coaches,
each skilled in diverse fields such as Search Engine Optimization,
Cyber Security, Risk Management, Human Resources, and much more. - $27
Meet Your AI Experts Team


Save Time & Learn
Save Time Prompting and increase productivity, OR Learn How to Engineer Your prompts with increased efficiency by
Utilising AI Prompt Assist to get you started! - $27


Generate Full Affiliate Campaigns from a URL.
Emails, Social Posts, Video Scripts,
Bonuses Inc, Bonus Brief & Delivery Info & MORE! - $67
Taking Your Affiliate Campaigns to the Next level!


Create Social Posts Easily for:

Facebook, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Instagram & Reddit. - $27

Just give the Expert a single line description!


Become an Email Expert - Simply Paste in An Email to then:

Get a Spam Report, Rewrite it in Marketing Style, Or Rewrite it in a Professional Style. - $27

No More ‘All The Same Copy & Paste’ Emails!


Just Wait til you see what this can do!

From Simple Ideas To Stunning Graphics, for all your Website & Social needs! - $67

You're going to love this app!

AI Email ProTeam logo

Elevate your email writing, 
With 20 Expert-Inspired Personas: Choose from a diverse range of writing styles modelled after top email writers.
AI-Enhanced Rewriting: Improve existing emails with AI-driven suggestions for clarity and engagement.
Spam Report Analysis:  Get insights on avoiding spam filters for maximum email deliverability. - $67
More Effective, Engaging, and Tailored Emails for Your Specific Needs.

AI Copy Creator logo

Harness the combined Genius
of the world's leading copywriters

AICopyCreator's 20 Unique Personas
and transform your sales copy
into a conversion powerhouse! - $67

AICopyCreator can elevate your copywriting to new heights!

SalesCopyAid logo

Turning Ideas Into Various Types of Sales Copy
Optin Pages, Long/Short Form Sales Pages,
Varying Formats, Webinar Registration Pages & More.

Complete 18 Quick Questions - Then Choose & Click
The one-click magic, turns ideas into high-converting copy in seconds! - $67

SalesCopyAid - A True AId to Copy


AI-SEO offers to either scrape a URL
or have input of between 500-5500 words,
then creates a Long Tail Keyword List.

From each of those,
You have the option to create a:

Blog Post - Article - LTK Based Video Script - Content Based Video Script - LTK Based SEO Keywords Lists -  Content Based SEO Keyword Lists - A Press Release - Domain Name Suggestion List - $47

Transform Your SEO Strategy Overnight

Video AI

Vid-eo-AI offers to either scrape a URL or have input of between 500-5500 words.

Once it has the information, it will allow you to create:

A Youtube Script - A Youtube Short Script - A List Of SEO Keywords (for YouTube Video Description) - A Selection of Youtube Hashtags - A TikTok Script - An Instagram Script -        & A VSL Script. - $47

In a choice of languages of course...

Empower Your Video Scripts, With Your Personal Video Campaign Genius


AI-Insta offers to either scrape a URL or have input of Up To 5500 words.

Once it has the information, it will allow you to create:

Instagram Carousel - Instagram Account Creation Advice - Instagram Post Generator - Instagram Stories Layout - A Guide to Boost Your Instagram Followers -  Instagram Hashtags - & A Content Calendar. - $47

In a choice of languages of course...

Elevate Your Instagram Game to Unprecedented Heights


AI-Pinit offers to either scrape a URL or have input of Up To 5500 words.

Once it has the information, it will allow you to create:

Pinterest SEO Pin (10 of) - Pinterest Content Ideas - Pinterest Board Ideas - Pinterest Ads - Pinterest Post Ideas - &  Pinterest Hashtags - $47

Again, In a choice of languages ...

Become A Pinterest powerhouse With AI-Pinit


Coming Very Soon


For One Low Bundle Price.